“A heart that is touched will touch another heart, which will then touch another heart, and so on until all hearts are touched.”
From the movie “Girl Rising”

When we Live From The Heart, our heart is easily touched by all of life and we will naturally feel  moved to touch other hearts. One way we can touch another heart is by sharing. We all have the ability to share from our heart. Sharing may come in many forms; a smile, the sharing of our time, the sharing of our resources, our presence, random acts of kindness. We do not have to have a large bank account or lots of extra time in order to share from our heart. As Mother Teresa said,”not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

“Love All Serve All”

There are so many worthy causes and fortunately, many people and groups doing great work in the world on behalf of these causes. Some of the organizations that are closest to my heart and where I share are:

SQ Foundation.

The Foundation was founded by Derek and Linda O’Neill, who decided to take action after witnessing extreme poverty and horrific conditions for countless people during a trip to India. Their pure intentions to help alleviate unnecessary suffering and to bring love and hope to those who need it most continues to permeate the organization today. We at the foundation are motivated by love, compassion and the potential for global transformation, and provide the means to bring shelter, clean water, food, medicine, education and more to people and animals in need around the world. The Foundation continues to grow the projects it supports and currently operates in 10 countries. Because of volunteers, 97% of the money collected by the foundation goes directly to projects.

The Father Joseph N. Patterson Foundation.

The foundation was established by Fr. Patterson to assist deserving young men and women attain their educational goals. “Father Joe” was my great uncle and was fondly called the “Father Flanagan of Chandler” by all who knew him.  Like the world famous founder of Boys Town, Father Patterson was a social reformist and a visionary that believed that every child could succeed if given love and an education. He was a champion of the underserved and worked hard to fill the needs of his community. I was blessed to have known Father Joe and to see the love and gratitude his people had for him. In bearing witness to how he had touched so many lives, I came to realize the power we have to make a difference, to make the world a better place by serving others.  I have served on the foundation for more than 20 years which since its inception in 1980 has helped hundreds of students pursue their academic and career goals. Scholarships are awarded based on grades, financial need, and the demonstration of leadership and community service. I believe Father Patterson specifically choose the criteria of leadership and community service to ensure whoever was helped by the foundation would go forward to help others therefore touching more lives than just those who received scholarships.

How does your heart share? Join the Hearts Share Project and see how many times in a day you can share!