What is Vibrational or Energy Medicine?

We live in exciting times. It seems that it is almost daily that there are new developments being made in the fields of science and technology. As much as these advancements have contributed to the quality of our lives, there are still so many challenges facing humanity and our planet. I believe our future will be determined by our ability to collectively apply the five human values of love, peace, truth, right conduct and non-violence with consciousness; as we evolve and make choices as to how to adopt the advancements available to us.

One area of science that is shifting dramatically is modern medicine.  In the intro to “Vibrational Medicine For The 21st Century” by Richard Gerber, M.D. which was originally publishes in 2000, it states,” many scientists and leading-edge thinkers now believe that human beings are more than biological machines with parts that age and wear down, only to be treated by drug therapy and surgery. A number of pioneering researchers embrace a new view of healing called vibrational medicine that combines the best of ancient healing with a modern view of the body as an energy machine affected by many alternative techniques and treatments.”

To understand energy medicine, it may be helpful to discuss briefly the differences between the conventional medicine model based on Newtonian physics and the vibrational medicine model which is based on Einsteinian physics. Since I am a lay person and not a doctor or scientist, I am going to use excerpts from Dr. Gerber’s book, to illuminate this subject. This is a wonderful book for those of you who love to dig deep into subjects to really be able to get a thorough understanding of vibrational medicine.

Dr. Gerber  shares how the conventional medical model is based on Newtonian Physics which views the body as a biomachine  and whose “viewpoint suggests if we could only understand how all the different tiny parts fit together in the human body, we could develop better ways of fixing and repairing the body in the event of illness.” He goes on to state that “the new model of medicine is part of an emerging field of what has been called “vibrational (energetic) medicine,” a science that is part old and part new. It is a synthesis of the best of ancient healing combined with the latest discoveries in science to produce an entirely new approach to diagnosing and treating illness. Vibrational medicine is based upon modern scientific insights into the energetic nature of the atoms and molecules making up our bodies, combined with ancient mystical observations of the body’s unique life-energy systems that are critical but less understood aspects of human functioning. Rather than seeing the body as a sophisticated machine, animated only by electrochemical reactions, vibrational medicine views the body as a complex, integrated life-energy system that provides a vehicle for human consciousness as well as a temporary housing for the creative expression of the human soul. In the world of vibrational medicine, illness is thought to be caused not only by germs, chemical toxins, and physical trauma but also chronic dysfunctional emotional-energy patterns and unhealthy ways of relating to ourselves and to other people.  Rather than relying on drugs and scalpels to treat illness, the vibrational-medicine approach employs the use of different forms of energy, both electromagnetic and subtle life energy, to bring about healing changes in the body, mind and spirit of the individual.”

Conventional medicine is now acknowledging the importance of the health of our thoughts and our emotions as well as the role of spirituality in the physical health of patients as mainstream physicians are prescribing meditation and relaxation techniques, biofeedback training, imagery healing, acupuncture, tai chi ,etc.  In fact there is a distinct trend toward the integration of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies with the practice of conventional medicine. Hospitals are offering CAM therapies, insurance companies are covering such therapies, a growing number of health care professionals use CAM therapies in their practices and integrative medicine centers and clinics are being established with close ties to medical schools and teaching hospitals.

To conclude, vibrational medicine is an important piece in addressing the mind body spirit connection and addressing the health of an individual holistically as it can address dis-ease on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of an individuals being. One does not need to be physically ill to enjoy the benefits of energy medicine as energy medicine can help transformation in many areas of an individuals life.  I offer a form of energetic medicine called energy therapies. To find out what types of energy therapies I offer, click here.