The Heart of Feminine Power Workshops

As women we are evolving and redefining what it means to be empowered in all areas of our lives. We yearn to be fulfilled and connected to our heart’s deepest longings. We want to embrace all that is possible for ourselves and our lives while maintaining balance, healthy relationships and nurtured souls. And we want to live authentically with joy, love and harmony. Workshop series topics include:

  • Transcending Your Inner Glass Ceiling
  • The Feminine Model of Power
  • Following Your Inner Compass / Enhancing Your Intuition
  • The Art of Self-Care
  • Nurturing the Woman’s Soul
  • Powerful Heroine Archetypes / Negative Female Stereotypes
  • Bridging the Confidence Gap

And More!

These workshops are based on themes in the poem A Woman’s Heart by Erin Patterson.

“A Woman’s Heart is wise and powerful and understands the cycles of life and the mysteries of the universe. A Woman’s Heart is her connection to her soul and as such must be cared for like the most precious treasure. Without this treasure, a woman will lose touch with who she is and she will forget her dreams. She will not remember her true worth and her inherent power. If she protects this treasure, she will be a force unequalled – she will be honored and respected – she will be the Goddess.”
Excerpted from the poem A Woman’s Heart.

The poem A Woman’s Heart was inspired by my dear friend and mentor, Linda O’Neill. Linda devoted her life to making the world a better place for everyone. She was a beautiful example of love, humility and self-less service and her compassion changed the lives of many. I was blessed to know Linda and I am very grateful for all I learned from her as I continue to be inspired by her in many of life’s moments.

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Mum’s List Legacy Workshops

A new wellness workshop inspired by the best-selling book and upcoming movie ‘Mum’s List,’ a true story about Kate Greene’s journey with cancer and the legacy she left behind  for her husband and two young boys, The Mum’s List Legacy workshop is  an incredible journey of self-exploration, personal discovery and deep healing. It will empower you to transform liming beliefs and embrace both the challenges and opportunities that arrive in your life with greater ease – all the while creating more meaningful, healthier and happier relationships. This workshop reflects Kate’s legacy for humanity – inspiring you to live with greater love, purpose, gratitude and joy.

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The Heart of  Relationship Workshops

Challenge yourself to get real and form new Real-ationships with yourself and others. Discover the truth about relationships as we explore some unconscious motivations that may have been keeping your from having fulfilling relationships. Learn how to change yourself so that the world around you, including your relationships, change. Learn practical relationship skills including communication techniques to improve both your personal and professional relationships. Join us for this enlightening workshop and transform your relationships into Real-ationships!

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More Truth Will Set You Free

These workshops help people empower themselves, heal deep hurts, and awaken to a higher part of themselves. In a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop, we collectively come together in a loving, non-judgmental environment to discuss everyday issues in our lives, ranging from the small to the complex, from a higher perspective to bring understanding and transformation. During a workshop, we allow ourselves the time and space to explore our own journey and self-assess where you are in your life, what the past has been, how it is affecting you and what you would like in the future. More Truth Will Set You Free workshops give you the tools and meditations to achieve a brighter and happier life. You won’t be surprised at what you learn in these workshops, you will be transformed!

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Coming Soon! One day, weekend and full week retreats locally and in various locations around the globe.