What is Energy Therapy?

Energy therapy is a form of healing that can address all levels of a person’s being in a very deep and focused way. Energy therapies work on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual by addressing the human energy system which is the network through which the mind, the body, and the spirit interact as one holistic system.

It is important to address healing on a levels because if  healing is brought only to the symptoms, the door is open for the symptoms to return. When healing is brought to all levels, both the symptoms and the cause of the dis-ease are addressed and the healing is comprehensive.

How Does Energy Therapy Help?

Physicists and scientists have clearly documented in their research that all things are made up of energy and they are beginning to measure this energy. This energy has either lower or higher vibrational frequencies. There are energy fields that operate inside our bodies ( the chakra system) and outside our bodies (the auric system) which make up the human energetic system. When operating optimally, these energy fields are vibrating at a certain rate, and when this rate decreases, dis-ease can happen. The way the human energy field is compromised is when lower frequencies such as anger, jealousy, hatred, and fear are introduced and stored in the system as opposed to higher frequencies such as love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

“Illness is a gift and it always brings with it a message. Many illnesses are caused by trapped emotions. Release your emotions and you will release your illness.”
-Derek O’Neill

For example, people with lung issues often have unresolved grief or worthiness issues. Therefore, to eliminate the dis-ease, these issues must be resolved and released in order to change the lower frequency to a higher frequency. Energy therapies introduce a balanced and higher frequency energy to the human energetic system to help transform the lower frequencies and bringing the entire system back into health, harmony and wellness.

Energy Therapies I Offer

1. Rising Star Healing System.

Would you like to feel better than you ever have before? Feel more happiness and joy, and bring forward your innate potential? The Rising Star can help you do all this and more. The Rising Star raises the vibration of the human energy field assisting in healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well as the release of  trauma and illness. Because the Rising Star works on so many levels at once, a person receiving it for something like back pain, may find that another illness or issue also receives healing. For example, lower back pain may be connected with unresolved father issues, or feelings of being unsupported. During a Rising Star session, all these levels receive healing – back pain, father issues and feelings of being unsupported – resulting in a very comprehensive experience. Every session is completely unique, because with each session you receive exactly what you need at that time. Developed by Derek O’Neill, the Rising Star has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world bringing happiness, peace and relief from many forms of suffering.

I offer individual Rising Star sessions as well as trainings for those who wish to become  Rising Star practitioners. Connect with me to schedule a session or to get a schedule of upcoming training workshops.

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2. Prema Birthing Healing System.

Would you like to create the life you were meant to live? Prema Birthing is a gentle and powerful way to let go of negative programming and the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Each of us is born with a unique set of circumstances that creates our experiences. As we live our lives, we accumulate fears, false belief systems and negative programming. The phrase, “What the mind believes it achieves” is a reminder that the mind creates our reality. As we become aware of the things that no longer serve us. we can prepare to release them. Prema Birthing can eliminate all kinds of dis-ease from your mind, body and spirit. A Prema Birthing session allows you to completely redesign your life by wiping the slate clean, choosing a new reality and allowing the highest intention for health and happiness to manifest in your life. It’s much like removing old programs from your computer and putting new positive programs in their place. so that you are ready to face the world as a whole being. You become ready to find the truth that will set you free from limitation and put yourself on the path to abundance. Many ancient traditions knew the mind was the creator of our reality. Prema Birthing expands on this philosophy to include the most important piece of the formula: Environment + Love + Consciousness = Transformation of dis-ease into wellness.

I offer individual Prema Birthing sessions as well as trainings for those who wish to become Prema Birthing teachers and practitioners. Connect with me to schedule a session or to get a schedule of upcoming training workshops.

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