Erin is an inspiring and dynamic speaker who engages people with her heartfelt wisdom, inspirational stories and practical tools for Living From The Heart.

Watch a video of Erin speaking at the Conscious Connections luncheon in Scottsdale, Arizona, presenting ‘You’ve Got the Power!’ Erin (Dorothy) will take you through Oz, learning to claim your feminine power. Red shoes not required!

“Erin brings a depth of knowledge and wisdom to her presentations and delivers her message in a beautiful and powerful package.”                   Kristi Hall, Founder, Conscious Connections

“Erin Patterson captivated the audience with both her message and her delivery. Her information on owning our power and managing our brain for results was perfect! Plus, she gave practical take-away tips that had the entire group quietly saying “why didn’t I think of that?” We’ll definitely have her back for more.”               Beverly Belury, Partner, John Hersey International

“Erin Patterson has an uncanny ability to deliver hard to understand topics in a very understandable way through her use of analogies and storytelling. She exudes a seasoned approach to public speaking that grounds and engages audiences and inspires them to action.”          Susan Kricun, Principal, Kricun Media

“Showing a passion for the fabulous, fierce, fearless female in all of us, Erin guides us to understand that “what we do not own, owns us” and how we can become the triumphant victor in our lives.”       Kate Seastone, MBA, CFP, Simplicit Financial

“Erin’s knowledge of the topic, calm demeanor and experiential group exercise, provided the tools we seek to feel our feminine power.”                          Mardi Gradolf, Associate Director of Development, The Nature Consevancy

Erin can speak on a variety of  topics. Allow her to customize a presentation for your group.

Connect with us if you are interested in scheduling Erin to speak to your group.